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Born for safety, Fengyuan Tire Company opens the era of run-flat tire RFT2.0


Run-flat tires refer to the safe driving distance of 80km at a speed of 80km/h when the tire is flat. No spare tire is needed for light weight vehicle, it saves resources and improves fuel efficiency. Because of its many advantages, some auto manufacturers have equipped their vehicles with run-flat tires when they leave the factory. Therefore, the level of research and development of run-flat tires tests an enterprise's strategic awareness of high-end product.

Fengyuan Tire Company has been unswervingly taking the road of high-end branding since its establishment, focusing on R&D and producing high-quality products. The R&D of run-flat tires is the top priority.

In 2016, Fengyuan Tire Company launched mass production of run-flat tires. Afterwards, under the witness of China Rubber Association and CCTV "Consumer Proposition" and tests among 8 well-known domestic and foreign brands, Fengyuan Tire Company's run-flat tires stood out and achieved excellent results.


Fengyuan Tire Company uses RFT2.0 era for run-flat maintenance.

In order to provide end-users with a high-quality driving experience better, Fengyuan Tire company has greatly optimized and upgraded the run-flat products and better performance of safer, more economical and more environmentally friendly.

Structure upgrade

Stress simulation analysis: optimize the internal contour curve to highlight various excellent performance;

Ultra-high-strength framework material: optimize product weight, reduce tire rolling resistance, and improve driving comfort;

Optimized structural design: improve the heat dissipation of the tire, and enhance the assembly of the tire and the wheel hub.


Recipe upgrade

New formula design of sidewall and inner wall support rubber

The addition of a special high-elastic polymer improves the fatigue resistance and reduces heat generation while ensuring the high hardness of the supporting rubber, and also improves the support of the sidewall under high-speed use conditions.

New formula design for RFT tire special tread

The tread uses a new type of modified rubber with low rolling resistance and low heat generation, the world`s advanced tandem mixing process and the realization of silica nano-level dispersion, effectively reducing the rolling resistance of the tire, and at the same time making the anti-wet performance of the labeling method B level the above.

Upgraded driving experience

Assemblability: Through a number of structural optimizations and adjustments, the problem of "difficult to install tires" in run-flat products has been improved. Take the 18-inch run-flat product as an example (see attached picture). After optimization, the air pressure for the first and second placement of the tire is reduced by an average of 40% compared with the previous one, and the assemblability of the tire is significantly improved.

Comfort: The computer is used to simulate and analyze the stress of each part of the tire, optimize the size distribution of support rubber and other components, and cooperate with the new support rubber formula using special high-elastic polymers to effectively improve product comfort.

Economical: Adopt a brand-new structural design to reduce the weight of the product. Combined with the new RFT special low rolling resistance tread formula, it effectively reduces the rolling resistance of tires, improves the fuel economy of the vehicle, and makes travel more green and environmentally friendly.

Optimize and upgrade specifications

This run-flat product upgrade covers multiple run-flat production specifications of Fengyuan Tire Company.


Fengyuan Tire Company is committed to the development and production of high-quality products to create a more competitive product group. This run-flat product upgrade is a product upgrade initiated by market users, which is an important step for Fengyuan Tire Company's tireless pursuit of innovative development. In the future, Fengyuan Tire Company will continue to uphold the spirit of craftsmanship and build a national tire brand recognized by consumers.

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