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Home > News > Fengyuan tires once again went to Panama International Tire Exhibition

Fengyuan tires once again went to Panama International Tire Exhibition


On June 26, 2019, the annual B2B Auto Show in Latin America and the Caribbean - 2019 Latin America (Panama) Regional Tire Exhibition kicked off in Panama City.

The Panamanian government promoted major public works foreign hot money projects, including automobile sales, and the market prospects were broad. The exhibition attracted many people from the tire industry to participate in the event, gathering 600+ tire brands from around the world, with more than 8,000 exhibitors.

Shandong Fengyuan Tire Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (stock code: 872663 Booth No.: D152), as a rising star in the tire industry, brought its "Yuanlu", "Furuichi", "Yida" and "ARCRON" brand exhibits to the tire exhibition The performance and the stylish appearance bring different visual experiences to the exhibitors, so that the exhibitors can stop and negotiate, and the shiny booth construction and the service of the salesman will make the exhibitors linger.

The star exhibits crowded by the audience: EXPRESS PIUS, MT (white letter), FRD866 and other high-performance tires appeared on the booth. The difference and excellent performance made some exhibitors give thumbs up and took photos with the exhibits.


The sidewall pattern design integrated with the AT tread pattern improves the grip performance under the bad road conditions and enhances the visual decoration effect. It complements the sidewall white plastic font and reflects the rough cross-country wind.

2, MT (white letter)

The shoulder block is designed to improve the strength of the block. The high and low shoulders and the inner and outer shoulders are interlaced to greatly improve the tire passability. The intermediate blocks are staggered, high and low design, improve the off-road capability of the tires, and MT tire products without fear of bad road conditions.

3, FRD866

The FRD866 is a high-performance, sporty tire with an outer shoulder rib that improves cornering to prevent abnormal wear and a curved steel groove that reduces tread running noise while increasing tire ground contact. [Functionality" is strong, so don`t worry about [wonderful cold" during long-distance driving.

Fengyuan Tire Co., Ltd. adheres to high-quality positioning, and its products [Yuanlu", [Furuichi", [Yida" and [ARCRON" have won recognition from customers all over the world, and its reputation has climbed to new heights. In the future, Fengyuan Tire Co., Ltd. will also adhere to the quality concept, with excellent product quality and technological innovation, to bring higher quality driving experience to users around the world.

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